Moss Ball Pets

Moss Ball Pets

Driving sales for an SMB looking to co-create with creators.

The Objective

If you've ever kept a pet rock, Moss Ball Pets offers a quirky yet fun alternative in the form of a marimo plant - a type of Japanese moss ball that can live for up to 200 years. As an SMB, Moss Ball Pets wanted to tap into TikTok's power to influence new clients and reach sales and brand awareness goals. To kick off its first TikTok campaign, Moss Ball Pets chose to run paid influencer campaigns using the TikTok Creator Marketplace .

The Solution

For SMBs, every dollar counts. That's why Moss Ball Pets wanted to make sure they maximized their TikTok campaign. To achieve this, they went in prepared with a checklist. First, the brand needed to find TikTok Creators whose audience aligned with its buyer profile. In this case, a primarily female audience, living in the United States. Next, they wanted to find TikTok Creators with engaged audiences. By using the TikTok Creator Marketplace's easy-to-use search tool and categories, Moss Ball Pets was able to find the perfect Creators to fit both of these criteria, namely @lilsprowt (home & garden content) and @athomewithshannon (family & parenting content).

With Creators in high demand, Moss Ball Pets knew its proposition to these Creators had to stand out. This started with a compelling campaign description. After fielding questions and narrowing down their options to two Creators, Moss Ball Pets brainstormed with them directly to determine the type of content they felt would resonate with the TikTok community. Once the creative idea was set, the brand negotiated the fees based on the scope of work and projected engagement.

The TikTok Creator Marketplace takes most of the guess work out of managing the campaign. Brands have access to transparent stats including followers, likes, audience growth charts and audience demographics to name a few, and they can also easily keep track of the co-creation process from start to finish.

The Result

Even for an SMB, the campaign had a huge impact, with 4.6 million views and more than one million total engagements. More importantly, the TikTok campaign surpassed any ROI that Moss Ball Pets had seen on all other marketing platforms combined. With the TikTok Creator Marketplace, sponsored content on TikTok never feels like a sales pitch, which drives high engagement and ultimately sales.

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