Inspiring users to make healthy lifestyle choices while driving awareness for Moov Advance Gel with Diclofenac.

The Objective

As India's top pain relief brand since 1986, Moov sought to further amplify its leading position as an industry expert ahead of the launch of its new Moov Advance Gel with Diclofenac - an active gel for acute pain relief. To do so, Moov was looking for new and innovative ways to raise brand awareness and stand out in an increasingly competitive market.

The Solution

In a hyper-connected mobile era, people are experiencing a whole new range of evolving lifestyle pains, making the need to develop a healthy fitness routine all the more pressing. As a leading healthcare expert in India, Moov took it upon itself to lead the conversation and make the country "move" - all while inspiring awareness for personal health and driving SOV for its forthcoming Moov Advance Gel with Diclofenac.

As a platform that allows brands to truly dig into their creativity through innovative branded solutions, TikTok was a perfect choice for Moov to kickstart a groundbreaking digital campaign. Leveraging two of TikTok's ad offerings - Hashtag Challenge and Brand Takeover - Moov initiated a unique #MakeYourMoov campaign that took the platform by storm. The Hashtag Challenge called on India's netizens to post TikTok videos performing at least one fitness move of their choice, and the response was incredible. The user-generated videos were chock full of creativity, expression and fun - all serving to bolster Moov's position as a leading voice among one of TikTok's hottest trending topics - #Fitness. Rounding out the campaign with a Brand Takeover, Moov was able to leverage TikTok's premium ad real estate with a full-screen, non-skippable vertical #MakeYourMoov ad that appeared first when users opened up the app

The Results

With the goal of starting a fitness movement, #MakeYourMoov quickly went viral on TikTok, garnering unprecedented success with 9 billion video views - 2.4 billion of them in just 3 days! What's more, the campaign inspired 10,000 fun and creative user videos, flooding TikTok with a user-generated fitness frenzy which was further amplified with a whopping 248 million engagements.

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