Elevating brand awareness and generating deep engagement whilst increasing followers.

The Objective

Moncler was born in the mountains of Grenoble, creating sleeping bags and jackets to warm and protect workers in the Alpine region. Since then, it has expanded its founding purpose of warmth and protection to become one of the most sought-after brands for the mountain and the city, creating embracing outerwear at the forefront of innovation and style. Now, Moncler is one of the labels to be seen in. It’s objective on TikTok was to raise awareness of its collections and, in turn, drive new followers to its TikTok profile.

The Solution

To create buzz and climb new peaks of engagement, Moncler ran a Branded Hashtag Challenge, one of TikTok’s most popular ad formats for achieving viral levels of reach. Harnessing the power of leading rapper @tydollasign‘s (291k+ followers) hit track “Bubble,” Moncler launched the #MonclerBubbleUp challenge, posing the question: “How do you get into your bubble?” Users then had to respond with a creative look of their own, inspired by the cosy, cocooning shapes and XXL attitude of the Moncler range.

A Branded Hashtag Challenge offers brands the best of both worlds – immense reach through amplification and deep engagement through vast swathes of UGC. It works by pooling all user entries onto a central challenge page, with an external link and description included. A package bundle of additional ads is included to drive further exposure to the challenge and Moncler ran a range of supporting In-Feed Ads in Italy and France as part of this.

The creative gave the community a chance to unleash their creativity and deliver some amazing content. It revolved around creating looks using household items like duvets and pillows before transitioning into a Moncler jacket, acting as a digital catwalk for Moncler’s boldest styles. The brand collaborated with popular creators from the UK and the US to kickstart the challenge, with Charli D'Amelio (108M+ followers) and Bella Poarch (56M+ followers) providing stellar inspiration.

The Results

The challenge shattered benchmarks, exceeding expectations and reaching new users from all across the globe. The challenge racked up a stunning seven billion video views, proving how viral and wide-reaching this campaign became. Over 2.6 million videos were created and the feeds lit up – the end result being 170,000 new followers for Moncler’s brand profile.

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