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Momentary Ink

Combining awe-inspiring testimonials with the power of TikTok’s auction to boost summer sales.

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14 M
video views
1.5 %
60 %
of buyers discovered the brand on TikTok

The Objective

Momentary Ink specializes in custom temporary tattoos for people who prefer to test-drive their ink before committing. Summer is peak season for showcasing skin art, and the brand worked with TikTok and agency partners to design a strategy that would capture the attention of our audience and drive purchases in a cost-effective way. 

The Solution

Momentary Ink created a series of In-Feed Ads featuring people testing out the brand's temporary tattoos and sharing their amazement at how realistic they looked.

The brand scaled their campaign to a wide audience quickly through our auction, choosing the Conversion Objective within TikTok Ads Manager. And thanks to the TikTok Pixel, the brand was able to trace the effectiveness of the campaign to mid-funnel optimization events on the platform — focusing on when people clicked on “Place an Order” to initiate a checkout. 

As an added layer of measurement, Momentary Ink sent their customers a post-purchase survey asking how they’d discovered the brand. The results highlighted the power of the TikTok platform and community which inspired Momentary Ink to scale their TikTok spend to 40% of their overall media mix. 

The Results

The brand's combination of powerful In-Feed Ads and the targeting and scale of TikTok’s auction allowed Momentary Ink to reach 14 million video videos and achieve a 22% more efficient*  ‘Purchase’ CPA than the category benchmark. The campaign also made a lasting impression with an entirely new audience of fans: In a post-purchase survey, 60% of buyers said they discovered the brand on TikTok.

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TikTok has been the surprise of the summer. By strategically optimizing down the funnel, combined with insights from our other ad channels and the use of our post-purchase survey, TikTok has shown to be one of the premier channels for driving efficient spend and scale.

Jordan Denny, Founder & CEO
Momentary Ink

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