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Mirinda Thailand

Creating excitement around soda flavors for a popular beverage brand in Thailand

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The Objective

Mirinda, one of the leading soft drink brands in Southeast Asia, known for its bold yet refreshing flavors, sought to drum up a new wave of excitement for its three most popular soda flavors among the Gen Z and Millennial audience in Thailand. Based on the success of previous campaigns, the brand once again turned to TikTok. This time, Mirinda wanted to drive an additional rush of awareness for its most popular orange, strawberry and green cream soda flavors through an exciting Branded Hashtag Challenge.

The Solution

Just like last time, Mirinda was seeking to ensure maximum visibility from the outset. The Branded Hashtag Challenge, #สนุกซ่าไม่มีซ้ำ ("#UniquelyFun" in English), was centered around a fun gesture-activated Branded Effect accompanied by a catchy branded song. To help notify communities throughout TikTok of the ongoing campaign, the challenge was also paired with TopView and In-Feed Ads.

The Branded Effect featured bold, eye-catching visuals, bright colors and a hard-to-forget background track designed to catch the attention of both the eyes and ears of viewers. To make it even more fun, Mirinda encouraged participants to change their outfit in tune with the colors of each soda flavor and express themselves through dance. To keep it simple, the choreography itself could be improvised, allowing each user to interpret the challenge in their own way.

For the six-day campaign, Mirinda worked with popular Thai TikTok Creators, whose videos were incorporated into the campaign as ad creatives. Mirinda also ran standard TopView and In-Feed Ads, while alternating between three different ad creative styles to avoid ad fatigue. The #UniquelyFun Hashtag Challenge could also be discovered through the Banner and trending hashtag list within TikTok's Discover page and as recommended music within the Sounds page.

The Results

Although it wasn't Mirinda's first Branded Hashtag Challenge, the #UniquelyFun campaign resulted in a higher degree of success than prior campaigns on TikTok. On the back of 100 million ad impressions, the brand received 126,000 video submissions throughout the course of the six-day campaign. With the goal of reaching the eyes and ears of Gen Z and Millennials throughout Thailand, Mirinda raised awareness for its soda both within Thailand's borders and beyond with a total of 100 million video views of the #UniquelyFun Hashtag Challenge.

Featuring eye-catching creatives, supported by a multi-faceted ad buy, the campaign was a great example of successfully manufacturing virality for a food and beverage brand.

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