Driving ahead of the competition with an industry-first campaign in Australasia

The Objective

An iconic auto brand with a rich cultural heritage steeped in style, MINI has never steered away from reinventing itself to remain at the forefront of creativity and innovation. With its socially-conscious, eco-friendly powertrain, go-kart handling and universal appeal across age groups, the launch of the all-new MINI Electric Hatch in Australia and New Zealand was a milestone moment, which sparked the need for a fresh campaign to reach new audiences.

The Solution

A TikTok campaign with highly energetic creative and music amplified the agelessness of the MINI Electric Hatch, bringing the concept of fun, electric mobility to this new audience. Using targeted Brand Premium In-Feed Ads and utilising business intelligence from consulting firm, MINI became the first automotive brand to launch a TikTok campaign in Australasia. Brand Premium In-Feed Ads are guaranteed to run as one of the first ads users see in their For You feeds, appearing alongside users' favorite content, for a native feel that really resonates with the TikTok community.

The Results

The industry-first MINI campaign worked seamlessly on the platform and resulted in some stellar performances in terms of ROI. The ad was viewed over 1.2 million times during the campaign period, generating a 4.6% engagement rate and 1.24% click-through rate, showing that TikTok was the perfect place for MINI to reach and engage with new audiences while showing off its iconic style.

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