Encouraging youths in Singapore to get vaccinated with a Branded Hashtag Challenge and livestream on TikTok

The Objective is Singapore Government's public communications channel managed by the Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI). With COVID-19 as a persistent problem, MCI needed an innovative solution to nudge their younger population to get vaccinated quickly. The Ministry sought to educate and remind its citizens about COVID-19 prevention measures, including encouraging them to mask up and get vaccinated, while fighting misinformation. The fight against the pandemic requires the collective effort of the nation. MCI has been reaching out to different segments of the population through targeted communications, including via TikTok to engage youths and young adults on the topic of vaccination.

The Solution

MCI launched the #IGotMyShotSG Hashtag Challenge to engage youth and young adults and bring to their top-of-mind the benefits of vaccination. MCI also used a Gamified Branded Effect, which added a fun game-like twist to the Hashtag Challenge. Named COVID-Slayer, the game required participants to slash incoming COVID-19 viruses and fake news to score the highest points. At the two-third mark of the game, players can activate the COVID-19 vaccine that will serve as an in-game ammunition. To up the ante of the game, players will lose their winning streak scoreboard if they accidentally slash the surgical masks, which are crucial to stay safe in COVID times. The challenge allowed participants to learn through play and showcased their innovative renditions as the COVID-Slayer. Bite-sized information on COVID-19 vaccination were also weaved in throughout the game. A scoreboard element was introduced to challenge the COVID-Slayers to better their scores with each game play, increasing the exposure of in-game messaging.

To promote the challenge, MCI engaged local social influencers to share their unique take as the COVID-Slayer and publicise the Hashtag Challenge. TikTok’s ad products, which included TopView and Brand Premium In-Feed Ads, were also used to drive awareness. In addition, MCI featured its #IGotMyShotSG Hashtag Challenge within TikTok’s Discover Page as both a top challenge in the # In List and a banner ad.

MCI also partnered with TikTok to combat misinformation on the COVID-19 vaccination. TikTok users in Singapore were able to view COVID-19 vaccination-related videos and tips on a dedicated informational page and access the #IGotMyShotSG livestream series on the platform. A series of seven livestreams by public health experts from Singapore's Expert Committee on COVID-19 Vaccination, healthcare professionals, frontliners and content creators were lined up across two weeks. Not only did these sessions help build greater confidence by addressing common misperceptions on the COVID-19 vaccination, they also spotlighted different voices and perspectives from the TikTok community, including GrabFood delivery riders.

The Results

#IGotMyShotSG was a success both as a Branded Hashtag Challenge and as a livestream event. The campaign reached 942,000 people in Singapore with over 1,400 videos created and 4 million video views. The campaign also achieved a relevance rate of 82.9%, which indicates that it gained meaningful traction amongst the intended audience, with high message absorption. As many as 70,800 people also tuned in to the livestream series, generating 715,000 impressions through the two-week program. Adopting multiple formats for a single campaign, through a Hashtag Challenge and livestream series, helped generate buzz and drive top-of-mind recall amongst users.

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“MCI collaborated with TikTok for Good and experimented with a Gamified Branded Effect to involve the community and invited them to co-create content for the national vaccination drive. We are very encouraged by the reception of the “COVID-Slayer game” and livestreams. These TikTok initiatives tapped on current trends and complemented our efforts on other platforms. We were able to reach out to more youths to encourage them to get vaccinated as well as clarify misconceptions and concerns in an effective and engaging manner.”
Soffy Hariyanti, Director, Campaigns & Production Department/Public Communications Division