Driving awareness for Maybelline’s latest mascara amongst young people in Spain.

The Objective

For the 2020 Christmas season, Maybelline came to TikTok for a campaign that would drive users towards their new product: Lash Lift Mascara.

The Solution

Working with Zenith Agency, Maybelline launched a One Day Max In-Feed Ad featuring popular TikTok creator @lolaloliitaaa. Sound-on and full screen, One Day Max In-Feed Ads appear alongside other user-generated content, and offer 100% share of voice for your brand name and a short description or call to action.

The video itself had an incredibly native feel. Showing @lolaloliitaaa use the product in a highly relatable way seriously boosted the campaign’s authenticity, while the ad’s placement alongside other content from across the platform helped organic engagement flow. An original Maybelline soundtrack added brand recognition, as well as a lift to the immersive experience. 

A call to action at the end of the video then drove users to a shoppable page where they could explore the new mascara in full. Totally original and packed with attitude, the video provided a close-up look at the new mascara in its natural habitat, and proved irresistible for users across the country.

The Results

Running for one day in December 2020, the Maybelline One Day Max In-Feed Ad generated more than 3.5 million impressions and a serious amount of engagement. An astonishing 109,000 likes were recorded across the campaign, showing a genuine community interest in the ad and its content. Coupled with a click-through rate 0.81% (28,000 clicks), this ad serves as a perfect example of TikTok’s ability to drive engagement for a brand, even in a short time frame.

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