Using the power of TikTok to launch max's new mobile payment feature for digital natives.

The Objective

max is one of the leading credit card companies in Israel, highlighting innovation as one of its core values. As mobile payment technology is becoming widely available in Israel, max wanted to take the lead on this category with a massive launch, and be the first brand to communicate directly with digital natives.

The Solution

New technologies are often adopted first by the younger generation before making their way up to the mainstream. max wanted reach those early adopters where they are natively spending their time and use the power of TikTok to introduce them with their new mobile payment feature. Aiming to get maximum reach in a short period of time and understanding the unbeatable power of a 100% share of voice, max worked with leading Israeli agencies  McCann  and  UM Digital to launch Israel's first TopView ad campaign. The creative was a 20-second video introducing the new way to pay in a simple, fun & TikTok-style way. 

Native editing and a catchy soundtrack likely helped boost engagement thanks to TikTok's 100% sound-on experience. An “Install now” call to action (CTA) was featured at the bottom of the ads, which then directed users to the App Store or Google Play inviting them to download the max app and enjoy its innovative mobile payment feature.

The Results

The TopView was a huge success for max, yielding an incredible four million impressions during the 24 hours the campaign was live, greatly exceeding the target. Even more impressive was the high engagement rate of 28% the video received. The one million clicks and 30,000 likes clearly showed that even in a “skip ad” world, your audience can become highly engaged and genuinely interested with the right creative and ad format.

"We are always looking for new ways to communicate with our consumers, and with TikTok we were able to reach new audience that we could not reach on any other platform," said Galit Harel, Head of Digital Marketing, max. "With the use of the new TopView tool, and the wide exposure the campaign received in just 24 hours, we achieved higher-than-expected engagement and improved the business results of the campaign."

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