Generating awareness of Mango's TikTok profile amongst a young Spanish audience.

The Objective 

Founded in1984, MANGO inspires the world by sharing their passion for Mediterranean style and culture. The brand aims to share the best of the Mediterranean essence that they have cultivated for over 35 years. MANGO prides themselves on their natural and contemporary style with an appreciation for detail, which they translate from their collections into timeless designs that are committed to the environment. 

As big users of TikTok and frequent posters on the platform, MANGO were keen to reach an even bigger audience with their profile – the place where they share new trends and products.

The Solution 

When you’re looking to reach a large audience quickly, TikTok TopView ads provide a huge reach in a format that’s impossible to miss. Appearing immediately for users as they open the app, TopView ads are immersive, sound-on experiences that occupy the whole screen for up to a minute. 

For Mango – a brand experienced in creating successful TikTok content – they used a TopView ad to showcase a week in outfits, featuring international influencers (Mango girls) who also appear regularly in other Mango messaging. 

The ad used official music to boost engagement, and then drove users to the Mango profile with a call to action and hashtag asking people to ‘join the #MangoCommunity’. 

The Results 

The native nature of the ad coupled with the engaging content meant that Mango’s TopView performed incredibly well. In the one day it was live, the ad saw an engagement rate of 17.11%, and resulted in an astonishing rise in followers for the brand’s profile from 700 to almost 14,000 – a 1,900% increase. This increase in followers not only expanded the awareness of their account on TikTok, but also paved the way for future increases in brand awareness and quality interactions with the other content published on their profile.

As well as pure performance, the ad also more than doubled the benchmark for videos played to 100%, proving the value of this kind of content and its effectiveness amongst the Spanish TikTok community. 

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