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Magic Tiles 3

Increasing user value and ROAS with App Event Optimization

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+41 %
User value
+31 %
Return on advertising spend
+3 %
Day-2 retention rates

The Objective

Thanks to its intuitive gameplay and effective hybrid monetisation model, rhythm-based mobile game Magic Tiles 3 has hit all the right notes in the hyper-casual gaming scene. Having already run ad campaigns on TikTok where its music-themed content proved a hit with the platform's audiences, Magic Tiles 3 was seeking out fresh, innovative ways to increase its user value, which is defined as revenue from rewarded videos and subscriptions, and maximise its return on advertising spend. TikTok’s App Event Optimization tool proved the ideal fit.

The Solution

The accumulation of postbacks from key events allows brands to run AEO and target users who have a greater chance of triggering a certain event in a targeted and cost-effective manner. This includes users who are more likely to trigger in-app events like viewing content or purchases.

Magic Tiles 3 identified two key events to focus on — “Achieve Level” which was triggered when users have completed a certain level in the game, and “View Content” which was triggered when users clicked and interacted with visuals in the game to watch an ad. By adopting AEO, Magic Tiles 3 was able to to bid for both events and optimize for target events directly, effectively identifying high-value users and maximising ROAS in Japan.

The Result

Over two weeks, results showed that optimizing towards the “View Content” event led to huge savings — an almost 30% higher ROAS as compared to its mobile app install campaigns. It also improved Day-2 retention rates by 3% and increased user value by 41%. Highly insightful and user-friendly, TikTok's AEO tool is helping Magic Tiles 3 target the right users in an efficient and cost-effective way.

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TikTok is definitely a good approach to meet our user acquisition goals, allowing us to access high-quality users at scale. With the considerable growth in user response through trendy creatives, the outcome is remarkable.

Duyen Dinh, User Acquisition Specialist

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