Driving awareness and traffic for a retail giant's Black Friday Sale

The Objective

Magalu, a digital, multichannel platform and the largest ecosystem for buying and selling in Brazil, was keen on partnering with TikTok to create a national splash for its upcoming Black Friday Sale. As time was limited, they needed the campaign to reach the maximum number of eyeballs in a high impact burst. In a nutshell, Magalu wanted to quickly generate mass awareness about the sale and drive traffic to its annual flagship event.

The Solution

To achieve these goals, Magalu ran a week-long campaign using two of TikTok's premium branded solutions - TopView and Brand Takeover, both of which appear as the first thing users see when opening TikTok.

With so much visibility, but just a short amount of time, it was critical to design ads that were captivating and bold enough to capture the interest of Brazil's digital natives and generate clicks. And Magalu did just that.

The brand's ad creative featured colorful visuals, eye-grabbing text and a catchy musical track that instantly grabbed the community's attention, while a prominent call to action button drove users to an external sales page. The campaign's slick visuals and creative style was the perfect fit for TikTok, something which was reflected in the campaign's results.

The Results

With nearly 200 million video views at an average click-through rate of 19.60%, the campaign was a rousing success - greatly exceeding estimates. With more than four in five accesses via TikTok being new users to Magalu, not only did Magalu achieve its objective of driving traffic from users, but an overwhelming share of those users were new.

"TikTok is a platform that has grown a lot and, for the strategy of our business, it is very important to be present on it, either as media or as a video application," said Rafael Montalvão, Director, Marketing e-commerce Magalu.

Products Used
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