Ma French Bank

Ma French Bank

Generating user engagement and awareness for Ma French Bank’s teen account through a fun and creative Branded Hashtag Challenge + Gamified Branded Effects.

The Objective 

Ma French Bank is a mobile-first bank – completely accessible through its dedicated smartphone banking app. To launch their WeStart teen account to the young people of France, in partnership with Razorfish Agency, they came to TikTok for a fun and engaging Branded Hashtag Challenge + Gamified Branded Effects.

The Solution 

The Ma French Bank #WeStartChallenge invited Gen Zers to share their creative use of a unique Gamified Branded Effect, all with one goal: achieve the highest score to win a brand-new PlayStation 5.

Allowing users to interact with brands and get competitive in a fun way with other users, Gamified Branded Effects enhance brand engagement with fun content creation, while also empowering creators to share their brand-associated scores and achievements. 

Ma French Bank kicked off their challenge with the help of some of France’s most popular creators, including @enzotaistoi, @powerpoussin, @yofunders_, @claradquis, and @lenyflg. Together, they showed other users exactly how it was done – with their attempts at a high score on the retro video game effect then displaying on the challenge page to further boost engagement. 

Driving awareness for the brand at the same time as capturing the target audience’s imagination, the Ma French Bank Hashtag Challenge was the perfect example of TikTok’s ability to spark moments of joy – no matter what the topic. 

The Results 

The Branded Hashtag Challenge ran for seven days, and generated an amazing response from young people right across the country. About 300 million video views were recorded during the campaign, with an impressive 100,000 videos created using the #WeStartChallenge hashtag. 

Héloïse Beldico Pachot, Chief Marketing Officer at Ma French Bank, said, “We are delighted that we have been able to work with TikTok on the launch of the WeStart account, intended for 12-17 year olds. This challenge allowed us to boost our visibility with 300 million impressions, and generate some brilliant engagement thanks to more than 100,000 participations.” 

Juliette Orain, Head of Social Media at Razorfish Agency, said, “Thanks to TikTok, we managed to speak to our target audience in their language. It also meant we captured their attention in a place where they did not necessarily expect to find a bank."  

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