Lucozade Zero

Lucozade Zero

Generating awareness and engagement for Lucozade Zero and its sponsorship of the hit TV show ‘First Dates’.

The Objective

Lucozade Zero is a sparkling drink with that awesome Lucozade taste but with zero calories and sugars. To promote the new-look bottle and its sponsorship of ‘First Dates’ in Ireland, Lucozade Zero came to Tiktok to create an eye-catching campaign that would grab the attention of young people across the country.

The Solution

When you’re looking to reach a large audience quickly, TikTok TopView ads provide a huge reach in a format that’s impossible to miss. Appearing immediately for users as they open the app, TopViews are immersive, sound-on experiences that occupy the whole screen for up to a minute.

For Lucozade Zero, they chose to feature their sponsorship of ‘First Dates’ in the ad – combining the show’s theme music with a humorous voice over and some highly engaging graphics. Complimented by an In-Feed Ad that followed, Lucozade Zero’s campaign broadcast the new-look bottle to the entire Irish TikTok community in a fun and entertaining way.

A ‘Learn more’ link then drove users to a Lucozade Zero landing page where all of the Lucozade products could be found and purchased.

The Results

The Lucozade Zero campaign performed incredibly well, boosting awareness and generating some impressive traffic for the brand.The TopView ad produced a click-through rate (CTR) of 18.52%, and an enviable engagement rate of 18.82%. For the In-Feed Ad, over 325,000 impressions were recorded across the campaign, with a CTR of 1.04%.

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