Little Moons

Little Moons

Sparking engagement and driving mass awareness for Little Moons in the UK.

The Objective

Little Moons mochi desserts have become one of the most sought-after ice cream products in the UK. When the Japanese-inspired snack sought to raise mass awareness and engagement with a new young audience, TikTok was the perfect place to do just that.

The Solution

Little Moons launched their TikTok Business Account to build excitement for the brand organically in the first instance, with compelling and authentic content that felt native to the TikTok experience, driving awareness and demand of its product on and off the platform. With a growing and diversifying audience that is consuming food content on the platform, the popularity of Little Moons soared on TikTok as our community shared their own creations about the brand.

To reach a wider audience and drive deeper engagement, Little Moons also ran a One Day Max In-Feed Ad. Running for just one day only, One Day Max In-Feed Ads display natively in the For You feed among the first ads and posts a user sees. That means, whilst still delivering the key message, it retains a more organic feel, which often leads to more impactful engagement. It also delivers a short, sharp punch of exposure, allowing brands to move away from the hard sell and, instead, deliver content that inspires, engages and entertains.

In this case, Little Moons created an engaging yet extremely native ad letting people know that they can purchase the tasty dessert in their local Tesco supermarket, and further explaining the best way to enjoy your snack after you’ve purchased it. The creative cleverly explains that after you take your Little Moons out of the freezer and wait five minutes, you can ‘bite it, squish it, stretch it, love it’ and simply enjoy each mouthful of creamy artisan gelato, lovingly wrapped in soft and delightfully delicate mochi dough.

The Results

There is no doubt that the popularity of Little Moons soared on TikTok, as the community shared their own creations about the brand. #littlemoons currently has 101.6 million views while #littlemoonsmochi has 80.5 million views and the craze for what is now the UK's most sought-after ice cream product was only boosted further with the One Day Max In-Feed Ad delivering 6.7 million impressions and a meaty engagement rate of 4.54%. Little Moons’ TikTok Business Account has now reached over 137 thousand followers and over 1.7 million likes. 

And if all this wasn’t already enough, Little Moons sales were up 1300% in Tesco in February vs. the same period in December, and the brand saw its biggest ever sales week in UK grocery ever across all retail partners. This winning combination of thumb-stopping organic content on its TikTok profile, supported by a targeted ad strategy, really helped deliver for Little Moons. Job done!

Ross Farquhar, Marketing Director, Little Moons: “TikTok has catapulted our mochi ice cream into being the UK’s must-have food of 2021. Seeing the British public go to ‘Big Tesco’ in search of Little Moons in their thousands, and the videos they created being viewed over 100m times, has been incredible and we’re all now focused on getting as much stock out and shelves filled as we possibly can. The power of TikTok to both surface and grow the trend organically and then to fan the flames with paid support has helped us to our most successful year yet, and we’re so grateful to every TikTok user who’s made it happen.”

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