Little Caesars

Little Caesars

Partnering with top TikTok Creators to boost reach and follower growth

The Objective

National pizza chain Little Caesars had already developed a strong TikTok presence @littlecaesarspizza, with more than 140,000 followers and 490,000 likes on its content to date.* In mid-2020, the brand launched Stuffed Crazy Bread—covered with garlic, butter and parmesan cheese, and with even more melty cheese on the inside. They came to TikTok to drive paid reach and awareness for their new delicious product, while also further building out their organic following.

The Solution

To promote Stuffed Crazy Bread, Little Caesars partnered with 13 Creators, including Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas and breakout TikTok stars the McFarland family and Nathan Davis Jr. For messaging, each Creator demonstrated the unique way in which they #GoCrazy after taking a bite of Stuffed Crazy Bread. Little Caesars then used Spark Ads to amplify each creator's content with auction In-Feed Ads, targeting broad audiences with interest groups like gaming and sports.

Spark Ads is a type of native ad format that enables brands to leverage organic TikTok videos across both managed and self-service ad products. With Spark Ads, advertisers have the ability to promote the brand's own TikTok videos or the organic content of other creators as either TopView or In-Feed Ads directly in the For You Page, where TikTokers spend most of their time on the platform.

The Results

Little Caesars wanted to show up in the For You Page as natively as possible, which is why they granted the Creators total freedom to shoot in their own unique style and flare. By doing so, they were able to deliver over 65 million 2-second video views and a 70% view-through rate.

By the campaign's end, Little Caesars had also nearly doubled its organic following, as our vibrant community loves to reward realness and creativity, especially from brands. In this case, leaning on recognizable Creators⁠—which included a mix of athletes, musicians, digital influencers⁠ and native TikTok stars—helped spur the explosion in the pizza brand's following.

By partnering with so many diverse Creators, Little Caesars gained new insight into creative performance, finding that TikToks featuring families (the McFarlands and Nathan Davis Jr. with his mom) produced the highest click-through rates.

*As of February 2021

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