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Leveraging ACO to increase efficiency while maximizing campaign conversions

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The Objective

When it comes to learning the fun way, nobody does it quite like Lingokids. Engaging audiobooks, interactive video lessons and child-friendly navigation — the playlearning™ app is helping kids aged 2 to 8 years old unlock their potential. Parents too have taken to its highly intuitive interface. Reaching out to the larger Thai community in a targeted and engaging manner meant turning to a tool that would help them achieve this effortlessly — TikTok’s Automated Creative Optimization.

The Solution

ACO allows brands to upload images, videos, ad text and call-to-action buttons which are automatically combined to create multiple creative combinations. Ads are continuously explored and evaluated to detect the high-performing combinations of the creative assets.

Lingokids created two test ad groups - an ACO ad group and a non-ACO ad group. To ensure sample uniformity, they uploaded the same five videos for each group. For the ACO ad group, Lingokids uploaded three different ad texts and complemented them with three different CTAs, which included “Install Now,” “Download” and “Play Game” options. In total, the ACO ad group generated 45 ad creatives. Meanwhile, the non-ACO group had only one ad text and one CTA, the “Install Now” option for each video. In total, the non-ACO ad group had five ads.

Harnessing ACO allowed Lingokids to manage their ads more efficiently and drive customer acquisition by automatically identifying high-performing creative combinations. By automatically pausing low-performing creatives and replacing them with fresher, more engaging ads, Lingokids was able to increase quality ad traffic while preventing ad fatigue.

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The Results

Apart from helping Lingokids manage its ads seamlessly by reducing the time and effort required to update ads, ACO helped drive a 47% increase in conversion rate and a 56% increase in conversions. The convenience and cost-efficiency of the tool have encouraged Lingokids to power almost 100% of its ad groups using ACO.

On top of broadening kids horizons, Lingokids is also reaching out to new consumers in a hassle-free and cost-effective engaging manner thanks to TikTok.

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