Generating mass brand awareness and expanding its user base whilst maximising cost per acquisition

The Objective

Lanslot is a French online gaming app that connects players from all over the world, in bespoke gaming parties, across some of the industry’s most beloved titles. The platform aimed to max out fan acquisition by generating huge brand awareness – but only whilst keeping costs controlled and highly-efficient.

The Solution

Lanslot specialises in fostering organic connections, so using TikTok’s all new Spark Ads solution was a natural fit. With its CEO and founder, @chedli, an influential TikTok creator himself, Lanslot sought to take advantage of his knowledge and visibility by boosting one of his videos to explain how the app worked and pull in new gamers.

Spark Ads enable businesses to boost their own organic posts or the content of other creators as TopView or In-Feed Ads placed in the For You feed among user generated content. Available as both auction ads (as was the case here) or reservation ads, Spark Ads possess multiple interactive features, such as the ability to click the “+” sign to follow the account directly or swipe left to visit the profile page, whilst a prominent call-to-action button takes users to an external landing page where they can learn more about the product. 

Spark Ads help brands create deeper, more organic connections, increase followers and drive ROI. In this case, Lanslot sent the community through to an app download page to maximise acquisition. The creative was an app explainer presented by Lanslot’s CEO that called out all the benefits of using the platform, immediately piquing the interest of gamers in an organic way.

The Results

The Spark Ad achieved an impressive 59.22% conversion rate, pushing new fans through to Lanslot’s download page at scale. This led to a highly-efficient cost per acquisition of just 0.19 EUR – half the cost of the previous campaign. It shows that Spark Ads have the power to engage with a targeted audience on a deeper level, whilst optimising and maximising efficiencies.