KIA Stonic

KIA Stonic

Driving awareness, intrigue and interest around KIA's newest SUV in Australia

The Objective

For over 75 years, Kia has been one of Australia's most popular car brands. It continues to push the boundaries in the automotive industry while leading the charge in innovation and redefining mobility and movement. This year, Kia launched the all-new Stonic SUV, delivering style, safety and a bit of sass. Kia needed a way to speak to the younger audiences to drive awareness (pun intended), intrigue and interest around the newest, coolest and most innovative car on the market.

The Solution

TikTok was the perfect partner to reach the brand's desired target audience, to help connect Kia with a highly-engaged community and to put Kia top-of-mind when the next generation of drivers think about cool and stylish cars. Kia leveraged TikTok's unique creative execution and utilised its signature Topview solution to capture the attention of the TikTok community. A custom soundtrack brought the Topview to lifeit was fun, catchy and sparked a lot of excitement around the creative.

The campaign also marked a big milestone for both Kia and TikTok as Kia was the first auto car brand to run an independent Topview campaign in Australia, outside of a Branded Hashtag Challenge.

The Results

The strategic placement of Kia's TopView drove incredible results. With more than eight million impressions and an engagement rate of 16.52%, the campaign outperformed multiple benchmarks and further highlighted the power of TikTok's highly-engaged community.

Nikolas Souliotis, Digital Marketing Manager of Kia Australia, said, "TikTok offers an entirely new, fully immersive creative arena in which to play, helping us unleash our brand's creative side. The TopView is not about thumb-stopping, it’s all about show-stopping. This is why our focus was to greet TikTokers with a video that celebrates the vibrant and creative community, while delivering the purest expression of our campaign, blurring the lines between an ad and TikTok content. It’s the unique approach to creativity, content and reach that TikTok’s TopView offers that differentiates it from other platforms and makes it one of the most attractive options for brands and marketers."

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