Increasing brand awareness amongst Gen Z TikTok through popular creators and an entertaining topic.

The Objective

Kaufland is one of Germany’s biggest hypermarket chains, operating more than 1,000 stores in Germany and beyond. To boost their brand perception in the hearts and minds of young German shoppers, they decided to enlist the help of TikTok and some of the platform’s most popular Creators for a fun and entertaining campaign under the topic “Wie kaufst du?” ("How do you shop for your groceries”).

The Solution

One of the greatest and most unique elements of TikTok’s advertising capabilities is its official Creators. Followed and adored by thousands – sometimes millions – of users, their creative content is loved, engaged with, and often replicated to great effect. So, when two of Germany’s most popular comedy Creators – Theo Carow and Levin – were asked to help with Kaufland’s campaign, the results were bound to be impressive.

Taking the form of two 20s videos, Kaufland – with the help of creative agency LIMITD – used TikTok’s In-Feed Ads to build their brand-boosting campaign. Showing both Creators in Kaufland stores, the videos depict two humorous scenes under the topic “Wie kaufst du?” , that any young person could relate to.

The first video shows how attitudes to prices change depending on who is paying – yourself or your parents – and the second, how you might act if you bump into someone that you don’t feel like speaking to.

Both In-Feed Ads were displayed in TikTok users' For You feeds, with a unique soundtrack rounding off the immersive experience. At the end of each clip, a call to action directed users to Kaufland’s TikTok profile page.

The Results

Both In-Feed Ads were shown across three days to great effect. From May 14-16, 2020, the videos received an incredible 2,246,234 views, and recorded 2,172,121 impressions, while the overall click-through rate settled at 0.57% – far above the target for the ads.

The campaign received almost 51,000 likes, comments, and shares, and drove an increase of 3,665 followers to the Kaufland TikTok profile, which will serve as a strong foundation for future organic content published by the brand.

The videos themselves were very well received – as proven by the high watch time of each view. More than 30% of the unique video views watched at least 3s, with an average watch time per person of 4.55s – far surpassing the relevant benchmarks.

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