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Generating app installs and conversations for beauty and grooming services through TikTok Creator Marketplace

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3 X
Revenue & lower funnel purchases
54 %
Decrease in CPI
7 X
App installs

The Objective

Justmop is the leading marketplace in the Middle East for home cleaning, beauty and wellness, and other home services such as maintenance and laundry. Founded in 2015, the marketplace connects professional and top-rated cleaning providers with people looking for relevant services. To reach a massive potential audience across the Middle East and generate app installs and conversations for its house cleaning services, Justmop turned to the TikTok Creator Marketplace.

The solution

TCM is the official platform for brand and creator collaborations on TikTok. Thanks to TCM's easy-to-use search function, Justmop was able to quickly find and connect with the right creators to help promote the company's services.

In the end, Justmop partnered with three popular creators, @annabell_newman, @aniqarsalanofficial and @andrewriad1, on a series of eight TikTok videos showcasing Justmop's advantages of trustworthiness, superior customer service, and especially its COVID-19 disinfection service. For example, @annabell_newman, a creator with nearly 180,000 followers, performed a humorous skit highlighting the company's professional and quick-response home cleaning service.

The Results

Justmop saw a huge surge in revenue and app installs as a result of the TCM campaign -- revenue was up 3X while app installs shot up more than 7X. CPI also decreased by 54%. By working with these three creators through TCM, Justmop successfully promoted its image as the number one home cleaning service in the Middle East.

The TikTok team have been of substantial aid to our nascent presence on the platform. Especially across TCM where we were introduced to loyal creators who have shared creatives that match our brief and performed well in our designated campaigns. We hope to have more successes on the platform in the near future.

Tamara Haddad, Marketing Manager

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