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The Objective

When it comes to fast food in the Philippines, few restaurants come close to the popularity of Jollibee. And for good reason too. The company has risen to such heights because it has consistently paid close attention to its biggest consumer group – the youth. In particular, the brand’s high levels of engagement and loyalty in the 18 to 24 age group has helped propel the company to become one of the fastest growing chains in Asia.

But keeping its engagement levels high means that it has to continuously innovate and meet the ever evolving needs of its customers. To this end, Jollibee used TikTok’s interactive model of challenge-based activities to grow its base and sustain its engagement levels.

The Solution

Together with creative content agency BBH Singapore, Jollibee launched the #JolliEverAfter Branded Hashtag Challenge, which leveraged existing behavior and trends on TikTok such as lip syncing, duets, dancing and acting. With nine different sub-challenges, each representing a moment in a rom-com story arc, anyone could participate in the challenge. Whether it was the Call Your Crush challenge, in which users could confess their love to someone, or the 10 Years Later challenge where they could create an ending to the story, everyone could join in.

As producers of the "show," participants were free to role-play and tell the love stories of their dreams. In this way, the Hashtag Challenge fully maximised engagement levels and encouraged individual brand endorsements on the platform. To further give the campaign a bump in visibility, Jollibee also ran In-Feed Ads encouraging everyone to participate in the challenge.

The Results

The #JolliEverAfter Branded Hashtag Challenge proved to be a huge success. Within just 48 hours of its launch, the campaign garnered 8 million views. And that was just the beginning. During the 6-day campaign period, the engagement rate of In-Feed Ads surpassed platform benchmarks and the ads generated over 12.5 million impressions in total. The campaign also saw a surge in reach, hitting nearly 9 million unique users and led to a 50,000 jump in the number of followers on Jollibee’s TikTok account.

"I'm amazed by the possibilities TikTok offers as a platform. Never have I seen such engagement and creativity than with #JolliEverAfter. Our audience completely flipped the script on classic rom-coms. So much fun!" said Sascha Kuntze, Chief Creative Officer, BBH Singapore.

Harnessing the advantages of a digital space for creative, user-generated content, Jollibee was able to strengthen its position as a thought-leader when it comes to digital marketing and expand its influence in the Philippines.

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