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Increasing awareness for a brand of active kids shampoo in the Philippines

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The Objective

Johnson & Johnson, a multinational consumer and healthcare brand, was looking to actively promote the launch of Johnson's Active Kids Shampoo. The brand was set on reaching the eyes of millions of families throughout the Philippines. It just needed a way to get the brand's message in front of audiences, so Johnson & Johnson turned to TikTok.

The Solution

Johnson & Johnson wanted nothing more than to maximize the virality of a campaign on TikTok, but it also needed to ensure that the value of the product could be effectively communicated. With a Branded Hashtag Challenge, the brand could achieve the best of both worlds. With this in mind, Johnson & Johnson launched its #PrettyStrong Branded Hashtag Challenge.

Like many Hashtag Challenges, #PrettyStrong encouraged participants to break into song and dance. But this challenge was also designed to bring parents and their children together, and communicate a simple message through both the simple choreography and catchy lyrics: Johnson's Active Kids Shampoo strengthens children's hair.

In order to maximize exposure and measure the paid reach of its Hashtag Challenge on a CPM and Cost Per Reach basis, Johnson & Johnson launched a series of branded solutions throughout TikTok. The brand utilized an optimization strategy that tested three different types of ad groups, including retargeting custom audiences who shared, commented and liked the #PrettyStrong campaign. The brand also targeted customers interested in beauty and personal care, and baby, kids and maternity. Rounding out its targeting, the brand also tested its campaign with a broader audience.

Additional placements for the #PrettyStrong Hashtag Challenge could be found on TikTok's Discovery tab, along with a featured banner placement and a top spot in the page's # In List.

The Results

Johnson & Johnson's #PrettyStrong Branded Hashtag Challenge went viral for all the right reasons. By optimizing ad placements and target audiences, #PrettyStrong's paid campaign performed the best among the retargeted audience group. This group drove a cost per reach that was 32% lower than other target audiences and drove 20 million impressions.

Collectively, #PrettyStrong saw a total of 122 million video views, 305,000 user-generated videos and a whopping 12.8% engagement rate. Through this Challenge, Johnson & Johnson managed to deliver its key message that Johnson's Active Kids Shampoo is essential for kids’ hair and that since kids hair is 2X thinner than adult hair, they need Johnson’s Baby Shampoo to keep their hair healthy and strong.

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