Promoting Jaycee's brand through authentic In-Feed Ads

The Objective

Jaycee is an Australian-Jamaican singer, rapper, producer, multi-instrumentalist and entrepreneur. He is best known for his versatile sound and invigorating live performances. His musical style is a fusion of Hip-Hop, R&B and Trap, incorporating elements of Funk, Soul, Latin and Reggae. Jaycee's sole purpose is to entertain his audience and create beats that are honest and true to him. His team wanted to drive streams to his latest single, with the goal of encouraging the TkTok community to click through to Spotify and listen to the song, particularly in the first week of it being release.

The Solution

Following the release of the single, Jaycee's team decided to run a traffic campaign for the first two weeks of it being in market. To drive interest with the TikTok community, the team developed highly engaging user-generated ad content for the campaign. The sonically focused creative delved into his personal story and quickly demonstrated to his audience his song writing process. By telling a story, the creative was able to connect with Australians authentically and encourage them have a listen to his new song. The content was created with a distinct TikTok style, including "jump transitions," which made it native to the platform and easily accessible to the community.

The Results 

The campaign generated more than 8,500 unique clicks in under two weeks of running ads. It also generated more than 300,000 Impressions and a click-through rate of 2.28%. The team was extremely impressed with the results and has continued to run TikTok campaigns, which has helped drive Jaycee's success across the Australian market, including pushing his total TikTok follower count to more than one million.

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“2020 threw a curve ball at all artists across the world, which forced everyone to adapt their strategies and look for new ways to innovate and opportunities to capitalise on. TikTok was that exact opportunity for Jaycee and our independent label Modern Day Entertainment. The exposure that TikTok has given Jaycee and his music has been unparalleled and we look forward to working alongside TikTok on many more exciting advertising initiatives in the future.”
Nic GidleyKing & Julian Palei, Co-founders & artist managers
Modern Day Entertainment