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Creating excitement with a Branded Effect for the launch of a new co-branded milk brand

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The Objective

Indomilk, one of Indonesia’s leading milk brands, was looking to make a splash on TikTok with the launch of a new milk product, co-branded with the animated series "Tobot." The brand was eager to promote this new release at home, but it needed to find a way to creatively feature the co-branded collaboration, and also capture users’ attention and drive them to meaningfully engage with the brand.

The Solution

Indomilk decided that launching a campaign on TikTok would hit all the right notes. Central to the campaign was a Branded Effect which allowed users to virtually dress up as one of Tobot’s three iconic characters. By motioning with one of three hand gestures, participants were instantly suited up in a Tobot character’s armor. The videos were paired with Tobot’s theme song—a high-energy, fast-paced track to help increase excitement.

Of course, first impressions matter, so Indomilk partnered with four popular TikTok creators to be the first to take on the challenge. This not only helped drive an initial wave of visibility, it also invited their followers to take up the challenge. But Indomilk didn’t stop there. The brand shored up awareness for the campaign with a series of In-Feed Ads (Brand Premium). For ad creatives, the brand used the four creator videos. On top of this, two additional videos were created in-house. This ensured that the campaign would stay fresh throughout the course of the three-week campaign.

The Results

The combination of a Branded Effect and Brand Premium In-Feed Ads was wildly successful. On the back of more than 63.4 million impressions, the campaign drove over 22.4 million video views. Users also created over 68,000 videos using the Branded Effect which in turn generated over 414,000 engagements.

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