Using reactive ads as a force for good by raising awareness for World Environment Day, and boosting exposure within the TikTok community in Spain.

The Objective

One of the world’s largest and most established multinational energy providers, Spain’s Iberdrola is the world’s number one producer of wind power. In fact, renewable energy is at the core of its mission to become the "utility of the future." Led by this vision, Iberdrola sought to shine a spotlight on World Environment Day and raise brand awareness with the TikTok community.

The Solution

Some of the most engaging content with digital natives is reactive to the news agenda. In this case, Iberdrola – a leading force in renewable energy – created a reactive One Day Max In-Feed Ad to support World Environment Day, a cultural topic close to the heart of the TikTok community.

A One Day Max In-Feed Ad runs for just one day only, natively in the For You feed – perfect for short, cultural moments. The ad is guaranteed to display among the first In-Feed Ads a user sees. As it runs within the feed, this format delivers an organic feel, and is a great option for a softer brand play as opposed to the hard sell.

By aligning itself with World Environment Day, Iberdrola reaffirmed its commitment to looking after the planet as an energy provider, whilst demonstrating that it has its finger on the pulse. The creative cleverly shows the damaging effect of fossil fuels through the contrst of a tearful, coal-smeared woman against the positive promise of renewable energy sources. Combined with a switch of pace in the soundtrack, it made for a short yet powerful ad that evokes emotion and response, whilst delivering the key message in a punchy 15-second ad.

The Results

The One Day Max In-Feed Ad over-delivered against Spanish benchmarks – serving more than 3.6 million impressions and delivering 34% of all video views at 3 seconds. As a standalone ad, running for just one day, this is huge. Its overall engagement rate was also strong, at 3.44%, prompting TikTok users to join the conversation and show that the community is passionate about the environment.

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