Building a following with a “Smaht” creative approach

The Objective

Riding the momentum from its Super Bowl campaign, Hyundai collaborated with TikTok to broaden its reach among young people and enhance brand favorability for the brand's all-new 2020 Sonata.

The Solution

Hyundai adapted its “Smaht Pahk” TV commercial into an In-Feed Ad with a call-to-action that directed users to view the full spot on YouTube. The creative, featuring comedian Rachel Dratch, expertly leaned into TikTok's creative best practices, using native platform features and incorporating an existing and widely popular platform trend to hilariously promote the Sonata's Remote Smart Parking Assist.

The Results

Hyundai’s “smaht” execution successfully drove brand favorability, generating a wave of clicks to its profile and earning @HyundaiUSA thousands of new followers ahead of the release of its all-new Sonata. The brand's use of native tools and decision to lean into trends that were already popular on the platform helped the creative seamlessly blend in with other entertaining content in the For You feed, which was key in successfully gaining positive engagement for the campaign and brand from a younger audience.

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“Hyundai always works hard to make a big impression for Super Bowl. This year we were thrilled to launch to a younger demographic through TikTok in a way that was authentic to the platform, while still driving traffic to our other content. We blew through CTR benchmarks by 140% on our very first post.”
Monique Kumpis, Senior Group Manager, Brand Marketing & Advertising
Hyundai Motor America