An exciting start-up optimising for cost-effective conversion in its online store at scale

The Objective

Grover is an exciting, Berlin-based start-up that gives customers the freedom to rent consumer electronics, from laptops and smartphones to e-scooters, for a monthly price. Having already experimented with TikTok advertising before, Grover sought to generate cost-effective conversions in its online store using TikTok Ads Manager.

The Solution

Grover used In-Feed Auction Ads to remain authentic whilst reaching audiences at scale, making use of all of TikTok’s advanced precision targeting and optimisation tools. Using traffic as a goal, the campaign optimised for complete payments and effectively hit two birds with one stone – efficient traffic and conversions with an impressively efficient cost-per-acquisition. 

In-Feed Ads sit natively within the For You feed, soaking up engagement en masse whilst hitting the right audiences at the right time. Using Automated Creative Optimisation (ACO), Grover was able to place spend behind its most effective ad creative. It also used TikTok’s Developer Mode Pixel, which allows brands to track website conversions, create custom event rules and enrich conversion data with parameters (granting access to metrics like return on ad spend).

The creative revolved around the consumer tech on offer in its online store, showing unboxing videos and users receiving or using their rented gadgets.

The Results

The campaign was a rip-roaring success, with Grover seeing a 24% lower cost-per-acquisition in comparison to other platforms as well as a 94% lower cost-per-mille. The community was clearly not only interested but went on to purchase directly, which shows the potential power of targeted ads at auction.

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