Tapping into the TikTok community to drive conversions with efficient optimisation

The Objective

Goodiebox is an online cosmetics company that provides beauty product subscription boxes to women all over Europe. It approached TikTok with a mission to increase conversion using highly-efficient and optimised creative – a mission that fits TikTok like a glove.

The Solution

Goodiebox took part in TikTok’s Creative Partner Pilot program, which is a partnership between TikTok and creative agencies – in this case Shuttlerock. The partnership collaborated to develop In-Feed Auction Ads optimised for generating conversions, according to TikTok best practice.

In-Feed Ads deliver a powerful combination of organic presence and explosive awareness. Running natively in the For You feed, they sit amongst content a user sees on a daily basis. And they retain an organic look and feel, often leading to higher engagement metrics. The ads then lead to a landing page, to help drive success against a brand’s objectives.

The creative was clever, eye-catching and clear. It focused on combining visuals of make-up routines, beauty boxes and real-life examples with strong calls to action to deliver the key takeaways. Popping in the feed, it’s a great example of how to land messaging succinctly and clearly, to drive conversions.

The Results

The results were impressive. The optimised ads reduced Goodiebox’s cost-per-acquisition by 16%, showing that TikTok’s best practice creative and precision targeting can drive efficiencies that make a difference. They also increased click-through-rate by 11%, meaning the community clearly took an interest in Goodiebox’s offering.

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