gitti conscious beauty

gitti conscious beauty

Helping a German conscious and sustainable beauty brand spread a message of self-love for Valentine’s Day.

The Objective

Founded by Jennifer Baum-Minkus in 2019, gitti conscious beauty is a conscious and sustainable beauty business on a mission to revolutionize the beauty industry with better products for consumers and the planet, with their first innovation: vegan nail colour. For Valentine’s Day 2021, the brand came to TikTok to spread a message of love and self-care.

The Solution

For the annual celebration of love, gitti decided to send a slightly different message to the TikTok community: that love always starts from within.

Collaborating with one of Germany's most popular creators, gitti produced a TikTok TopView – giving the brand a great platform to reach a large audience quickly in a format that’s impossible to miss. Appearing immediately for users as they open the app, TopView ads are immersive, sound-on experiences that occupy the whole screen for up to a minute.

The video itself featured shots of a TikTok Creator, Theo Carow (@theocarow), at home, with friends and alone, explaining the importance of taking care of yourself while showing gitti products at the centre of his day. And rather than focusing on romantic love, the creator thinks that Valentine’s Day should celebrate all kinds of relationships. 

Accompanied by a unique soundtrack and a ‘Buy now’ call to action, the ad then drove users to the gitti website where their products could be explored in full. 

The Results

Running on 31 January ahead of Valentine’s Day, the gitti TopView ad performed very well, spreading a positive message and exposing the TikTok community to the brand and its values.

The video generated more than 21 million impressions with an incredible average watch time per user of 13.37 seconds. An impressive 19.84% click-through rate then drove thousands of users to the gitti website.

Combining authentic content with an engaging message, gitti successfully reached millions of young people with a campaign that clearly resonated with the German TikTok community.

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