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The Objective

As a major food and beverage manufacturer in Indonesia, Garudafood's synergy with TikTok campaigns has driven awareness to its brand and product lines. With multiple Branded Hashtag Challenge campaigns under its belt, the brand knew that TikTok was ideal for reaching highly engaged Gen Z and Millennial users who have a voracious appetite for showing off their creativity.

Garudafood was back with a goal to drive awareness to its chocolaty Chocolatos brand, best known for its wafers. But this time around the brand wanted to promote its Chocolatos Drink and launched a more dynamic TikTok Hashtag Challenge that sought to drive higher engagement than its previous campaigns on TikTok.

The Solution

Garudafood launched its #ChocolatosBikinRelax Hashtag Challenge, which sought to drive awareness to the campaign through a combination of ad placements throughout TikTok that targeted users in Indonesia. The campaign employed a combination of high-impact Brand Takeover and TopView ads, which users saw as they opened the app, along with In-Feed Ads in their For You feeds. The campaign also featured a banner carousel to promote the challenge in the Discover tab. Collectively the campaign generated top-of-funnel awareness and drew in a record number of ad impressions and participants among all of Garudafood's Hashtag Challenges to date.

To top it off, this time around Garudafood sought to scale up their engagement and participation compared to their previous Hashtag Challenges by adding a twist with the help of a TikTok Branded Effect. In each video, participants of the Hashtag Challenge could opt to show their support for one of two camps of Chocolatos drink flavors using an accompanying gesture - either a cold Italian Chocolate Chocolatos Drink with a thumbs up gesture, or a hot Matcha Latte Chocolatos Drink with an "OK" gesture - while dancing to the branded tune. When a gesture is made, the Brand Effect would then trigger an animation indicating their support for one of the two flavors.

All-in-all, the #ChocolatosBikinRelax Hashtag Challenge was Garudafood's most successful campaign on TikTok, blowing impression and participation goals out of the water, while also generating a win with an above average watch time per video.

The Results

The #ChocolatosBikinRelax Hashtag Challenge, driven largely by effective ad placements, drove rapid awareness and a record high engagement for the brand and its challenge with as many as 115M total ad impressions and 13M clicks on Garudafood's Brand Takeovers, In-Feed and TopView ads. The 30K #ChocolatosBikinRelax challenge videos submitted received a total of 60M total video views and had the highest rates of engagement for any Hashtag Challenge that Garudafood had run to-date.

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