Achieving reach goals while attracting new customers at a low cost in three different markets

The Objective

Online gaming marketplace G2A likes to test all possibilities in the marketing space. That's why, when the brand saw TikTok's large gamer community, it knew it needed to get in on the action. G2A's goal was to not only drive awareness, reach and impressions among potential new users of its gaming marketplace, but also do it in a cost efficient manner.

The Solution

G2A used In-Feed Ads purchased via TikTok Ads Manager's auction model to deliver against its marketing goals. In-Feed Ads are a full-screen, sound-on video solution that appears natively in users' For You feeds. By leveraging In-Feed Ads, G2A was not only able to reach a large audience, but also optimize its creatives and keep campaign costs relatively low. And for the e-commerce industry (G2A is a gaming marketplace), maximizing results while controlling costs is crucial.

The Results

G2A together with TikTok created an outstanding campaign that not only drove awareness but also recruited new customers to the G2A marketplace. The results were not only great, they were achieved in a performance driven manner. G2A reached more than 2.2 million users with nearly 12 million impressions. But this isn't the end of the story - costs were also amazingly low: CPM $0.16 and CPC $0.06. In addition to the great results achieved by G2A, the campaign also showed that TikTok is a great partner for the e-commerce industry thanks to the versatility of our branded solutions and ability to quickly adapt to marketers' needs.

Products Used
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In-Feed Ads

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