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Enticing customers to use a food delivery service in Thailand with a Gamified Hashtag Challenge

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The Objective

foodpanda is a leading app-based food delivery service provider in Southeast Asia. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the uptick in food delivery services used to replenish shelves or simply order food in was unmistakable. Amid this new normal, foodpanda wanted to increase its usage in Thailand and show customers how useful the app is at making life just that much more convenient.

The Solution

For the message to click and turn awareness into action, foodpanda turned to TikTok. The brand launched the #foodpandalifethatyoucanorder Branded Hashtag Challenge. To add an extra degree of excitement, the brand added a Branded Effect, but not just any Branded Effect - a Gamified Branded Effect. This type of effect adds a fun game-like spin to the typical Hashtag Challenge. Because foodpanda aimed to enable its customers to “live life and order it the way you want,” the Branded Effect challenged users to gobble up foodpanda delivery packages that flew across the screen. The goal was to rack up the highest score or outcompete other TikTok users.

To drive an initial wave of awareness to the challenge, foodpanda promoted the campaign in two ways. First the brand collaborated with six popular TikTok creators to come up with the initial set of participating videos. Second, the brand launched ad placements throughout TikTok including Brand Takeover and In-Feed Ads. Some of these ads used the participating creators’ own videos as ad creative. The #foodpandalifethatyoucanorder Hashtag Challenge was also featured on the # In List in TikTok's Discover page.

The Results

foodpanda got more than it ordered, with as many as 122,000 users participating in the 16-day campaign. The community submitted more than 167,000 videos for the challenge, driving 179 million video views. With participants in Thailand eating up the challenge, the campaign blew past benchmarks across the board. More importantly, foodpanda was able to engage with the TikTok community and build a lasting connection with Thai customers.

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