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The Objective

Finish wanted to generate awareness for Finish® Quantum® Ultimate™, a powerful water-saving dishwashing detergent that doesn't require pre-rinsing or pre-soaking. Rather than using product-forward creative they'd launched on other platforms, the brand sought to create a TikTok-first approach that would lean into the platform's native storytelling capabilities

The Solution

The brand partnered with the TikTok team to develop a first-of-its-kind content series that leveraged five popular Canadian creators who could bring their product story to life. Each creator, ranging from single young males to young couples to families, created an entertaining TikTok showing how using Finish® Quantum® Ultimate™ helped them #SkipTheRinse and save water.

Finish created a holistic awareness campaign by starting with TikTok’s premium TopView placement, which allowed the brand’s creative to be the first TikTok people saw when they opened the app for a full day. The brand amplified the campaign via In-Feed Ad units that kept the creator TikToks in the feed and top of mind.

The Results

Finish's focus on simplifying at-home cleaning while also reducing water waste fit perfectly with what TikTokers value: nearly half of our community said they want their brands to be socially responsible and 45% said they want their brands to be eco-friendly. By partnering with creators who deeply understand the platform and have engaged fans, the campaign resonated with a broad audience and kept them watching, achieving a two-second view rate of 50%.

The five entertaining #SkipTheRinse stories paid off in a big way, driving a wave of views and clicks.

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