Helping drive awareness and engagement around the recycling industry with a younger audience.

The Objective 

FEDEREC, one of France’s biggest recycling bodies, was first created in 1945 with a mission to promote recycling and its associated trades. Today, its work spans the whole of France, with twelve categories of recycling that cover everything from paper to cardboard, and from construction to textiles.

With the aim of driving more awareness around recycling amongst younger people in France, FEDEREC came to TikTok to spark engagement with their work across the country. 

The Solution 

For their awareness-building campaign, FEDEREC had the great idea to partner with the famous French grandma, Studio Danielle, who has more than one million followers on TikTok. An outrageous character whose popular videos always produce a smile, Studio Danielle was tasked with visiting a recycling plant (plastic bottles) to make people aware of the importance of the recycling industry. 

The resulting video – complete with Studio Danielle’s familiar hilarious style – was then broadcast as a One Day Max In-Feed Ad to gain maximum reach with young people across the country. 

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The Results 

FEDEREC’s entertaining and informative ad proved to be highly successful, generating more than five million views in the day it was live. With an engagement rate of 4.5% and a click-through rate of almost 1%, this ad truly proved TikTok’s – and popular Creators’ – unique ability to host highly effective moments for brands and their messages.

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