FC Barcelona and OPPO

FC Barcelona and OPPO

Driving massive audience engagement and brand presence to new audiences on TikTok, in Spain.

The Objective

FC Barcelona is one of the most famous football clubs in the world, with 26 League Titles and five Champions League Titles in their trophy cabinet. OPPO is a leading global smart device brand who partners with Barça as the official mobile phone of FC Barcelona. OPPO and FC Barcelona regularly create online and offline activations to bring fans closer to the Club and OPPO.

The Club is constantly looking to create new, original content to connect with its fans around the world across different channels using innovative formats that are adapted to the language and audiences of different platforms. On this occasion, Barça and OPPO sought to reach young creators and increase brand exposure on TikTok, expanding its organic presence through unmissable interactive content.

The Solution

FC Barcelona & OPPO launched the #GoforIt brand campaign back in August 2020, targeting football fans and driving familiarity with the key elements of the OPPO brand. They then launched a Branded Hashtag Challenge on TikTok, an extension of the brand campaign. The campaign was called the #GoforItChallenge and encouraged users to choose between different moments from the past and the future related to the Club, using a split screen mechanic, in tally with a bespoke music track.

The Branded Hashtag Challenge served interesting, engaging, and high-quality content for the audience with milestones and events related to FC Barcelona and the Club itself. Additionally, first team players took part in the challenge, igniting huge reach and inspiring UGC. By pooling all entries onto a central “challenge page” that included a description and an external link allowed fans to easily access the content and take action. The hashtag itself could be found in TikTok’s trending hashtag list and, as the community engaged, a viral moment was born for both brands and users to share and create. Additional solutions helped drive further awareness of the challenge, including a TopView and One Day Max In-Feed Ad.

The creative capitalised on fan favourites to inspire passionate engagement, by asking users to choose between being a Barça coach or player, or between the 6-2 win in El Clásico and the comeback against PSG, and so on. To participate in the challenge, users were asked through a voice over to jump left or right with their answer as the music track played different sound effects. 

The Results

The numbers were nothing short of impressive – the campaign landed a whopping 676,000,000 views, with over 70,000 users creating 197,000 videos. The crowd, quite literally, went wild. If that’s not proof enough, then its engagement rate should be, hitting 12.05% and showing that the football community on TikTok loved getting involved. That’s another one for the trophy cabinet.

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