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Strengthening Brand Affinity between a Soy Milk brand and families

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173 M
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38.9 k
Video Submissions
11.1 M

The Objective

VinasoyCorp, the market leader in soy-based food and beverage brands in Vietnam, is best known for its brand "Fami", which produces a line of soy milk drinks. Fami is a family-focused soy milk brand that prides itself on being the first in Vietnam to have a strong brand affinity with all family members (ages 15-45 years old). So in the spirit of Vietnamese Family Day, Fami sought to reinforce the love and bonds within family members, by encouraging them to spend a moment of time together to reignite their "love for their homes". In order to achieve this, Fami launched a #NhaLaNoi Branded Hashtag Challenge to maximize brand awareness through a viral campaign that would be seen by millions. 

The Solution

With families central to their target audience and with the virality of the campaign as a goal, Fami knew that a Branded Hashtag Challenge had to be easy for the entire family to participate in, whether it was performed solo or together. This Hashtag Challenge employed a simple dance move paired with kitchen utensils or regular household items, and a truly fun and catchy song to drive maximum participation and video views to the challenge videos. It used the hashtag #NhaLaNoi, which simply means "Home is the Place" in Vietnamese, which is also a core brand concept of Fami. This hashtag, coupled with lyrics in their branded song such as "Nha La Noi Ai Cung Ghien" which means "Home is the place we are addicted to",  also inspired other creative submissions apart from dancing, including duets with influencers or even a collage of treasured family photos. To top off the campaign, the upbeat and catchy 120 beat-per-minute song used contributed to view rates that were above average for this type of campaign.

Fami also used both Brand Takeovers and In-Feed Ads to drive that initial burst of awareness to its campaign. And its Hashtag Challenge was also reinforced within TikTok's Discover page with a feature banner for the #NhaLaNoi challenge and a featured spot within the trending hashtag List.

The Results

Critical to Fami's campaign's success was that it understood its target audience. The brand knew that for the campaign to resonate after its initial ad push and go viral, the dance had to be easy for families and kids to replicate, while the music needed to be catchy. Fami's approach paid off in multiples as the #NhaLaNoi Branded Hashtag Challenge blew past expectations. 

With as many as 38,900 video submissions, a whopping 173 million video views and a major boost in engagement, the campaign's peformance exceeded expectations. While Fami garnered a high level of awareness for its Fami soy drink among young people and families in Vietnam, parents and children also won out. With the #NhaLaNoi Branded Hashtag Challenge, families had a reason to come together on Vietnamese Family Day. It created bonding memories and laughter that they could truly treasure and preserve, even if it was because of TikTok.

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