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Finding new VIP members efficiently with TikTok Ads Manager

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15 X
Decrease in cost per VIP member
100 X
Increase in user registrations

The Objective

Fabletics is a membership-commerce activewear brand co-founded by actress Kate Hudson in 2013. The retailer wanted to drive new VIP signups, which gives monthly member-only exclusives and discounts on all full-priced styles. Initially, ad campaigns were exclusively optimized for lower funnel pixel events, which saw high costs that prevented the advertiser from scaling. So together we worked to find a new solution.

The Solution

Rather than target VIP signups outright (a multi-step process) in TikTok Ads Manager, Fabletics moved up-funnel and opted to instead optimize for user registrations (leads), resulting in an influx of leads at extreme efficiency, ultimately driving VIPs downstream. Fabletics also tested Lowest Cost (No Bid), where our delivery system auto-bids, aiming to spend the lifetime budget with the lowest possible cost per result.

The Results

The decision to shift from lower funnel to upper funnel pixel event optimization proved crucial for Fabletics: user registrations exploded by 100x. By driving a greater volume of lead registrations, Fabletics was able to increase VIP membership activations at a 15x lower cost per acquisition. Moreover, with Lowest Cost (No Bid), Fabletics effectively doubled scale at great efficiency.

"TikTok has been an impactful platform to reach and convert new audiences efficiently. The visual nature of the platform provided the perfect canvas for us to showcase our products and drive new VIP members at scale. We're excited to continue our partnership in 2021 as we find more ways to test and grow," said Shantal Naccara, Sr. Media & Acquisition Manager, Paid Social.

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