Gaining brand exposure for a SMB looking to co-create with TikTok creators.

The Objective

Combining romance and technology, Evermée's smart locket necklaces allow users to easily upload and display images of their loved ones just by scanning the locket with their smartphones. As a tech jewelry SMB looking to gain exposure and raise brand awareness, Evermée turned to the TikTok Creator Marketplace (TCM), the official platform for brand a creator collaborations on TikTok.

The Solution

In terms of creators, Evermée was looking for something very specific: male creators in a relationship who had mainly female followers. Luckily, TCM's easy-to-navigate search platform made this easy. All they had to do was select the Love & Dating category, which was filled with the type of creator they were looking for. Secondly, because TCM provides statistics on all creators, Evermée was able to filter the creators by average views, which was way more important to the brand than the number of followers. Evermée ultimately decided to partner with @durantechristian and @fernandasaenz90, who turned out to be a perfect match for the campaign.

To ensure smooth and high-quality execution, Evermée placed an emphasis on efficiency of communication and the creative freedom of creators. Evermée reached out to creators with a short message explaining that they were looking for videos that simply show how to use the product. The brand explicitly stated that everything else, such as the style of the video, would be up to the creator. After all, the creators are successful because they do things in their own way and Evermée wanted to encourage them to unleash this creativity. Hence, the brand didn't provide any form of guidance or script.

The Result

Following the creator-led campaign, Evermée saw a steep increase in website visitors. The brand calculated that each view on TikTok was worth 10 cents to them in direct sales (remarketing not included). The comments under the videos were also positive and showed that the viewers recognized how special of a gift Evermée jewelry is.

The brand received permission from the creators to use the videos for other marketing purposes as well. And because the two creators were happy to create videos in exchange for their own Evermée smart lockets, the ROI for this campaign was through the roof. With the easy-to-operate TikTok Creator Marketplace, Evermée was able to complete a super smooth campaign with a significantly high ROI.

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