Etude House Thailand

Etude House Thailand

Helping Thailand's consumers put their best face forward through targeted and customized ads.

The Objective

In Thailand, where consumers make up nearly a third of the market demand for Korean cosmetics across Southeast Asia, staying ahead of the K-beauty trend means staying relevant. Projected to reach $8.0 billion by 2022, Thailand’s beauty and personal care products market is seeing an upsurge thanks to an ageing population and increased health awareness.

Despite being one of the most sought after brands in the country, Etude House knew they had to keep up with the times. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the country’s online shopping habits like never before. Beyond physical stores, Etude House Thailand decided to take advantage of the country’s emerging ultra-fast 5G internet network and social media shopping habits to grow their market share online.

When they launched their Disney Tsum Tsum collection earlier this year, Etude House Thailand wanted to create virtual touchpoints for their customers. And to promote greater interactivity and innovation amongst new and existing customers, they turned to TikTok and it's active user community.

The Solution

To create an elevated shopping experience, they worked closely with the TikTok For Business team to run an Auction Ads campaign to boost awareness and drive new purchases. TikTok's campaign management platform, TikTok Ads Manager, allows advertisers choose specific ad placements, set campaign budgets, target specific audiences, set optimization goals, and bid for each ad group.

This provided Etude House Thailand with valuable insights into user behaviour and key consumer trends. Using this information, they then adapted and optimized their ads to suit a TikTok-friendly format. For example, they used existing ads to create a short video by changing its composition from a square to a vertical layout. To sustain viewer attention, they optimized the video length to 20 seconds. To liven up the video, they also inserted an instrumental tune in the background for a sound-on experience.

But most of all, TikTok Auction Ads allowed them to narrow down their target audiences using Traffic Objectives to focus on female users aged between 13 and 34 years old, the demographic most likely to engage with the ads and purchase Etude House Thailand’s products.

The Results

Apart from driving online traffic, TikTok Auction Ads allowed Etude House Thailand to reach out to new users. By targeting the ads at the right consumers, they saved on overall costs by achieving 40% lower cost per clicks. The 18% higher than average click-through rate they achieved also translated into phenomenal online traffic, leading to almost 9 times higher traffic driven to their e-commerce platform.

"We had a great partnership with the TikTok Team and always got great advice from the team. Advertising on TikTok's platform allowed us to bring lots of traffic into our e-commerce platform" said Suphitchaya Phichitchaya, Digital Marketing Executive, Etude Business Management Team, AMOREPACIFIC Thailand.

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