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Reaching new parents of young children in Vietnam through an engaging Branded Hashtag Challenge.

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The Objective

Leading baby formula brand Enfa wanted to reach new parents with the message that moms can confidently raise and develop their children with Enfa. As one of the first milk powder brands in Vietnam to use TikTok to target parents and their children, Enfa looked to reach entire families - not just individuals - through an engaging Branded Hashtag Challenge on TikTok.

The Solution

Enfa knows that Vietnamese parents aren't just looking for a trusted brand of baby formula, they're also seeking the best environment for their children to stimulate their development. They want to nurture their children's growth to become brighter and more empathetic as individuals. To align the Enfa brand with these values, Enfa launched the #NhayCungBeYeu (#DanceWithYourBaby) Hashtag Challenge to join in on this cultural conversation. 

First and foremost, Enfa wanted to ensure that participants would create and share high-quality content. But the brand knew that as long as children were involved, the Hashtag Challenge choreography had to be simple, yet fun. Cue Branded Effects. In this case, the Branded Effect was used as a dance cue for both the kids and parents. When a "heart" (representing love) popped up, participants simply followed along and gave the finger heart gesture. When a "lightbulb" icon (representing intelligence) showed up, they just pointed to their head. It was as easy as that.

Enfa's campaign emphasized simplicity and engagement to drive their content strategy. The brand also worked with family-oriented Creators whose videos were used as official video creatives for an initial burst of awareness. This was followed by a series of standard ad formats, including Brand Takeover and In Feed Ads to scale the visibility of the campaign and build greater awareness and consideration.

The Result

Enfa focused on attracting high-quality content through the clever use of Branded Effects and an easy-to-follow dance. But more importantly, the challenge was designed to involve multiple people in each video, creating a ripple effect.

Mothers and fathers become brand ambassadors, who engaged their audiences and sparked word-of-mouth conversations. In fact, 48,500 families participated in creating 73,300 TikTok videos during the six-day #NhayCungBeYeu challenge. Enfa also saw a total of 10.7 million total engagements throughout the duration of the campaign. Enfa's campaign is a great example of how, on TikTok, there's no limit to the types of communities brands can reach - including families.

"Tiktok has helped to deliver very impressive results and helped us to reach our target audience in a new and inspiring way." said Mr. Giang Phan, Enfa Children Brand Manager, Reckitt Benckiser Vietnam.

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