Einfach Immo

Einfach Immo

Generating new leads for property investment advisor and facilitator with a new audience on TikTok.

The Objective

Einfach Immo is a German real estate investment advisor and facilitator, helping to connect potential buyers with the ability to invest in property and rent to tenants. It’s objective was to reach a new audience on TikTok and generate efficient leads to its website.

The Solution

Partnering with social media consultant Jakob Strehlow, Einfach Immo used In-Feed Auction Ads to hit its target, using traffic as a campaign objective with a daily budget.

Einfach Immo also used TikTok’s Automated Creative Optimisation (ACO) tool to run 12 different ad variations off the back of one video by altering the accompanying text and call-to-action buttons. ACO gives brands the power to harness smart optimisation, by serving various combinations of creative assets to your target audience automatically. The algorithm continually works to discover and serve the most optimal combinations that give the best advertising performance. All a brand has to do is upload its assets, set the goal and target audience, and TikTok effortlessly does the rest.

The creative featured Tommy from Einfach Immo explaining how the service works – what the minimum requirements in 2021 are to finance real estate without equity and how, if the user meets the requirements, they will be asked to contact Einfach Immo using the website at the end. It’s a style that the community is used to, keeping things raw and personable even though the subject is fairly complex.

The Results

The results were a resounding success. The campaign actually reduced Einfach Immo’s cost-per-lead by 95%. It also generated 298 leads to the website, showing that the TikTok community was intrigued by the proposition and went on to find out more.

Tommy Primorac, of Einfach Immo, said, “The collaboration with Jakob Strehlow was fast, efficient and goal-oriented. Together with Jakob, we were able to reduce our lead costs by 95%. His years of know-how in the social media field was an absolute advantage in every respect. We would like to thank him and TikTok for this customer turbo.”


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