Doritos® Rainbow

Doritos® Rainbow

Achieving amazing results with a colorful and bold brand statement

The objective

Doritos® is known for its bold and innovative campaigns. For the 5th year of Doritos® Rainbow, a limited-edition flavor celebrating Pride month, it was necessary for the brand to push the boundaries in connecting with its target audience and amplify the brand positioning that "there's nothing bolder than being yourself." The objective was to communicate Doritos’ support for the LGBTQI+ cause and build awareness around the Doritos Rainbow campaign.

The solution

For 2021, Doritos® launched the #LiveYourFreedom campaign focused on the eternal George Michael's hymn "Freedom" interpreted by Gloria Groove, a famous drag queen with a powerful vocal range. The campaign invited people to celebrate and live the freedom of being who they are and want to be.

The strategy was to provide a way for TikTok users to sing Freedom in a Branded Hashtag Challenge by performing a duet with the singer. The format was sustained by three powerful One Day Max and Brand Premium In-Feed Ads that guaranteed visibility and promoted engagement with the challenge.

The results

The campaign was a huge success, exceeding previous benchmarks with 1.05 billion video views for the Branded Hashtag Challenge and an engagement rate of 14.4%. The creative successfully stood out on TikTok with a 17.3% lift in Ad Recall as well as a 16.4% lift in Brand Association with the LGBTQI+ cause—the only brand to experience such a lift.

"Making Hashtag Challenge's daily with Doritos® Rainbow was fundamental to the campaign's reach. There were more than one billion video views in one week. These numbers have never been reached before!" exclaimed Carla Di Sarno, Account Director at digital media agency Blinks/e.

Products Used
TikTok For Business


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TikTok For Business

Branded Hashtag Challenge

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In-Feed Ads

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“For each year of Doritos® Rainbow we have new challenges, experiences and mostly learnings. During a five year journey supporting the LGBTI+ cause, we have expanded our presence in the networks, as well as expanding our network of partners, people from the community and allies of the movement. In the same way we are evolving Doritos® Rainbow action in the community, we are evolving the conversation digitally. The Branded Hashtag Challenge with Tiktok was very important for the 2021 campaign to give more voice for LGBTI+ community and allies.”
Gabriela Alves, Head of Media and Promotions
PepsiCo Brasil