Spreading awareness for Spain's favourite mini donut.

The Objective

Donettes are one of the most famous bakery sweets in Spain. To promote their chocolate covered mini donut, and to drive awareness to their nationwide competition offering MotoGP-themed prizes thanks to two of the country's leading riders – the Márquez brothers – Donettes looked to TikTok to help spread the word to younger generations across Spain.

The Solution

For Donettes, the TopView format was the best choice for spreading their message as widely as possible. TopView is TikTok's most engaging format, and offers a 100% sound-on experience that is served to all users when they open the app, providing maximum reach in a full-screen, singular brand package. The Donottes brand and campaign used TopView to reach the entire Spanish TikTok community with a 10s video.

The video featured humorous and engaging clips of the Márquez brothers sharing Donettes donuts, alongside a dedicated soundtrack that served to pull viewers into an immersive brand experience.

An enticing "See Now" call to action led users to a Donettes landing page, where further information about the competition, as well as Donettes products, could be found.

The Results

The Donettes TopView ad generated more than 8.1 million impressions in the 24 hours it was live, showing just how effective this platform can be for driving exposure for brands and their messages.

More than 1.5 million clicks were recorded during the one-day campaign with an engagement rate of 19.27%, far surpassing all TikTok and industry benchmarks for engagement. This translated into hundreds of thousands of Millenials from across Spain viewing the Donettes competition landing page – a huge success for Donettes and their MotoGP competition.

And for further proof of the community interest in this campaign, almost half of all viewers watched at least 50% of the 10-second video, while more than 243,000 users watched the entire video. These figures don't just demonstrate TikTok's impressive user base, they also show how engaged its community is in the advertising that is served up alongside native content.

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