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Raising awareness for Dirol's eye-catching new product in Russia.

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102 M
Video Views
73 K
User-Generated Videos
88.75 %
Brand Lift

The Objective

Popular chewing gum brand Dirol was launching a bold new product in Russia—an eye-catching black-colored gum, bursting with mint flavor. In order to promote the launch, create awareness and drum up engagement among Gen Z and Millennials, it needed an innovative campaign that would truly reflect the cool and stylish feeling of the product, while maximizing impact. That's where TikTok came in.

The Solution

To achieve its dual goal of generating both brand awareness and engagement, Dirol ran a Branded Hashtag Challenge, one of TikTok’s most popular ad formats. The #DirolCheekyStyle (#DirolДерзкийСтайл) challenge centered around a Branded Effect that encouraged participants to show off both their mild-mannered and sassy sides. The fun and creative concept was combined with a catchy branded song produced specifically for the campaign by popular Russian band Loud. To drive initial excitement around the challenge, Dirol enlisted several popular Creators to take part. They also maximized visibility and amplified participation with featured Banner placements on TikTok's 'Discover Page' and a spot on the trending hashtag list.

The Results

The campaign was just what Dirol needed to get Gen Z and Millenials to pay attention and engage with the latest addition to its chewing gum line. With a well-designed concept, the use of a Branded Effect and original music, and strategic placements on the Discover Page to attract participants, Dirol received 73,000 video submissions, generating a total of 102 million video views in six days. The campaign also boasted a 9% engagement rate, resulting in a massive 88.75% brand lift.

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