Capturing Turkey's milkshake market with a Branded Hashtag Challenge.

The Objective

DİMES, Turkey’s leading fruit juice brand, has been delighting it’s loyal customers since the 1950’s. To bring DİMES, Turkey’s leading beverage brand, to a global scale, with an uncompromising respect for nature and humanity.

The challenge? Launch their brand new array of milkshakes in the Turkish market.

Simply introducing their new milkshake product to the market was not DİMES’ goal; they wanted to establish an emotional connection with customers, engage their audience, and hit specific targets for intent to purchase and product referral. But how could they address each of their launch pillars in a single place with a single campaign?

The answer? TikTok

The Solution

With clear goals in mind, DİMES launched a Branded Hashtag Challenge, one of TikTok's signature branded solutions, perfect for generating widespread awareness and engagement. Utilizing simple choreography and a catchy song, DİMES kicked off the #OrtamiSalla ("shake the world") challenge with the help of popular local TikTok creators, who demonstrated the dance moves and invited the community to take part. To help ensure exposure and participation, DİMES ran Top View and In-Feed Ads promoting the challenge throughout TikTok.

The campaign was created in partnership with Reklamania Creative, one of Turkey's most knowledgeable creative agencies for TikTok and TikTok content creation. It was such a hit it served as the basis for their full campaign launch on other platforms, where they used TikTok creators as the stars in their YouTube and TV campaigns.

The Results

With a total of 22 million video views and 10,900 user-generated videos, DİMES' Branded Hashtag Challenge was a huge success. A brand lift study conducted after the campaign revealed an 11% uplift in purchase intent on top of a 53.91% increase in ad recall and 29.43% uplift in awareness.

According to a Nielsen FMCG Dairy Products Report (October 2020), the market share of DİMES milkshakes increased by a whopping 20% in the period following the campaign.

DİMES was out to "shake the world," and they did just that, with sincerity and a remarkable campaign.

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