Helping Swiss supermarket chain Denner promote its healthy fresh food campaign to young people across the country.

The Objective 

Denner is the top discount supermarket chain in Switzerland, and is well known for its creative, often provocative advertisements. So when they decided to launch their fresh food campaign with their take on the Hansel & Gretel fairy tale straight from the witches’ kitchen, they knew that TikTok was the only platform to turn to for help launching their latest campaign. 

The Solution 

In their first ever TikTok appearance, Denner teased their digital fresh food campaign designed to raise awareness for the importance of a healthy, balanced diet and position the supermarket chain as a champion of fresh, healthy foods. And because it was their first appearance on the platform, they knew that securing both a big reach and a big impact were key – which is why they chose a two-tier approach for getting their message across to the TikTok community.  

First, two TopView ads offered a spooky first-look at the campaign. These premium placements are the first videos a user sees when opening the app, before merging into the first video of the For You feed.

To further support the campaign, Denner then used One Day Max In-Feed Ads to reach even more users with their video. Also appearing in users’ For You feeds, One Day Max In-Feed Ads are delivered as the fourth in-feed video, nestled amongst user generated content from across the community. 

The Results 

Running on October 5, 13, and 31, the Denner ads performed incredibly well, giving the fresh food campaign a seriously successful push. The two TopViews gained more than 3.7 million impressions, while driving an incredible 672,000 clicks. Equating to a click-through rate (CTR) of 18.5%, it’s clear that this format and campaign resonated with the Swiss TikTok community. Denner’s One Day Max In-Feed Ad placement also performed strongly, gaining 781,000 impressions, with an engagement rate of 4.08%. 

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