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Curiously Cinnamon

Generating mass brand awareness for a breakfast favourite with cereal lovers all over TikTok.

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9.8 M+
Video Views
15.65 %
Engagement Rate
99.73 %
Verified Brand Safe Ad Impressions

The Objective

Curiously Cinnamon – formerly known to some, with great nostalgia, as Cinnamon Grahams – is the ‘curiously different’ cinnamon whole grain square cereal produced by Nestle. It’s mission on TikTok was to raise mega brand awareness for the brand, spreading the love for its popular take on the humble breakfast cereal.

The Solution

Curiously Cinnamon, in partnership with Zenith, used two highly-effective solutions to achieve its goal – a screen-dominating TopView and engagement-boosting In-Feed Ad. Further to this, OpenSlate’s 3rd party solution was integrated across Curiously Cinnamon’s In-Feed Ads to calculate what percentage of impressions were served within verified content.

TopViews display as soon as the app opens, full screen and with the sound on. The autoplaying format immediately draws its audience in, relying on a call-to-action at the end to drive click-through. In-Feed Ads, on the other hand, sit natively within the For You feed, alongside popular user-generated content.

The creative featured two animated Curiously Cinnamon squares bumping into each other on screen, their googly eyes hanging just long enough in the air to crease a smile. A voiceover provided the narrative, focusing on cravings for the cereal and adding the product’s USP, it’s cinnamon flavouring. Everything about the video was branded as you would expect for the cereal, making it instantly recognisable.

The Results

The campaign delivered the goods, bringing in over 9.8 million video views and over a whopping 2.4 million clicks through to continue the journey. It shows the cereal’s fanbase on TikTok not only engaged but likely grew along with awareness. The TopView garnered a stunning 15.65% engagement rate, showing the audience was heavily interested in the product.

OpenSlate reported that 99.73% of all Curiously Cinnamon's campaign impressions on TikTok were verified brand safe as well.

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