Creating widespread awareness for working at Coop with a younger generation of new potential apprentices.

The Objective

By its very nature, Switzerland’s most well-known supermarket, Coop, is all about its people; it’s co-operative, meaning that its members – over 2.5 million customers – are at the heart of everything it does. When Coop needed to generate new and widespread awareness for its apprenticeship opportunities with a younger audience, it knew how and where to find it – TikTok.

The Solution

Coop used a One Day Max In-Feed Ad to raise awareness of all the different types of apprenticeships it offered. Running for just one day only, One Day Max In-Feed Ads display natively in the For You feed among the first ads and posts a user sees. That means, whilst still delivering the key message, it retains a more organic feel, which often leads to more impactful engagement. It also delivers a short, sharp punch of exposure, allowing brands to move away from the hard sell and, instead, deliver content that inspires, engages and entertains.

In this case, Coop used outfit changes and alternating male and female models to represent the different apprenticeships it was offering, from a food technologist to a computer scientist. Maintaining a quirky dance throughout, the creative was clear, concise and landed the key message in a call-to-action at the end: “Your world full of possibilities: Discover a variety of apprenticeships at Coop.”

The Results

The One Day Max In-Feed Ad exceeded expectations, delivering over 1.7 million impressions and a meaty engagement rate of 3.42%. It showed that the TikTok community was interested in what Coop had to offer and, no doubt, its familiar brand name piqued the younger generation’s curiosity.“With over 30 different apprenticeships to choose from, Coop offers young people an ideal platform for their futures. TikTok is the perfect way to reach precisely this target group and demonstrate just how broad our range of apprenticeships is,” said a Coop representative.

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