Putting tertiary arts programs front-of-mind for high school leavers.

The Objective

The Australian College of the Arts (Collarts) has been growing year on year, with courses being added and adapted to suit the changing music, arts and design education landscape. Whilst the year took an unexpected turn with the spread of COVID-19, Collarts were able to quickly respond by transitioning most of their courses online to accommodate the changing circumstances. As a challenger brand fighting for a share of the tertiary education pie, this agility and progressiveness needed to extend to their communications plan.

The Solution

“We considered TikTok to be a great fit for our communications plan given its highly engaging content and strong adoption rate during the early stages of COVID-19 in Australia," said Jesse Howes, Marketing Campaign Manager at Collarts.

Collarts needed to ensure a place in the consideration set for high school leavers who were weighing their options during the July-September period when tertiary education consideration is at its highest. A bespoke TikTok In-Feed Ads campaign, therefore, targeted school leavers during this period, aimed at increasing relevance and building incremental reach beyond current activity. 

A variety of assets were developed to avoid creative wear-out, given the significant time spent on TikTok per day by loyal users. Ad creative was also aligned to the style of organic TikTok content, and Collarts was able to capitalise on the fast-paced and engaging music within the platform. 

The Results

The ads generated over 21,000 clicks to the landing page, along with over 2.6 million impressions within the TikTok For You feed. The campaign achieved a highly effective cost per click of $0.20. Jesse Howes, Marketing Campaign Manager at Collarts, said they were “very pleased with the results," while Ryan Hancock, Communications Advisor at Match & Wood, added that the web traffic driven by the TikTok campaign was "amongst some of the most efficient within our digital media mix.” 

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